Sunday, February 1, 2009

Different Geographies

   2008 was a strange year for Warning Light, though I was able to get a double album of atmospheric drone out in the Spring called "Different Geographies." After the variety and length (78+ min) of 2007's "Eternity Drones" I wasn't sure where I could go next. So I practiced alone for weeks, trying to come up with something new. The album really just takes the extended drone motif from the longer "Eternity Drones" tracks and lets it stretch out to a more relaxed length. It was a bit of an undertaking to juggle over two hours of music into one release, but I think it came out well. "Different Geographies" is definitely a listen that requires patience and is definitely populated with quieter atmospheric drones that alot of the heavy keyboard stuff I do. I'm going to post a few parts for people to download and enjoy.

      This is the first track of the first disc. While I think this can be enjoyed on its own, this is the piece that sets the tone for the entire double album. It's comprised of crescendos and valleys of pure drone, made from a synthesizer and effects.

      This is the second track of the second disc. It's a shorter piece that utilizes a slow building loop of processed synthesizer drone that fades in and out and plays on differing textures.

If people enjoy, I'll post a little more of this record. I'm pretty sure the Stickfigure Distro still has a few copies of this, but I'm all out.