Saturday, December 4, 2010

Coming up next year

I've talked to Gavin from Stickfigure, and it looks like they'll be putting out the next Warning Light album Wild Silver. So hopefully if I stay on track, it will be out sometime next Spring. My live partner Allen (Feast of Violet) will probably appear on a couple of tracks, as will a few other mystery guests. This album is definitely a bit more "soundtrack"-y than straight up droney, but there's a little bit of all of it in there. Plus, maybe a piano ballad.

I'm also pressing a small amount of Fallow CDrs on my Beacon Light Communications boutique label, so message me if you'd like a copy.

Also, there's a tape version of the Lotus Plaza / Warning Light / Young Again show at the Eyedrum floating around. It was reviewed in Creative Loafing here. I have no idea how you get one, although getting in touch with Robby at Eyedrum would probably be the place to start. The cover apparently looks like this (although I have yet to see an actual copy):