Saturday, October 31, 2009

New work

Update on a release date for the Further On CD on Stickfigure Recordings ... they have been talking to me about having it ready to go in January. Yep, January 2010, unless something crazy comes up. And I might play a couple of live demonstrations of certain tracks off the album. I'll keep you updated.

With work on Fallow progressing along, I thought I would post one of the more experimental tracks for your enjoyment. It's a nearly five minute droner that is comprised of found sound and a manipulated synth loop called "Walking Down Your Street":

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Micro sound

Sub tones and little things have begun to intrigue me in a very big way. I'm hoping to work them into the next record. I'll be posting a sound collage that is a demo/test run for certain elements of the things I've been working with in the next couple of days. It's alot more chaotic, but it has little textures that I think might be involved.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A vow

Well I vowed not to touch a keyboard for Warning Light related business for a month and I ended up doodling around with tape recorders, making hours of tapes of the city outside my window. Listening to the tapes has recharged my batteries a little- that and listening to Roger Eno. Anyhow, it has me thinking about where this project is going. I want more space in the next recordings. I want huge wide open spaces, like laying in the middle of the field at night, staring up at the stars and not seeing a thing on the horizon, only stars.

So I'm turning back on the keyboards. We'll see what happens.