Sunday, November 1, 2015

Oftenchance CD

Oftenchance is the product of a year of solid recording/experimenting. As an album, I'm tremendously proud of the content and layout, so I hope you enjoy. I think this one is fairly eclectic, maybe a little sentimental, but definitely epic. The CD can be purchased HERE on Discogs. Special thanks to Stickfigure Records and Matt Weiner on this one.


1/ Across Owl Creek Bridge 
2/ Face the Future 
3/ Past the Haro Strait 
4/ The Afterlives of Free Masons 

5/ Daytripping Digital 
6/ A Love Complication 
7/ The Lieutenant Colonel 

8/ Learn to Curve 
9/ A Run Up and Down the Intercoastal 
10/ The Morning You Made Coffee Instead