Monday, January 6, 2020

2019, the unexpected year

High Marks "Precipice" (Persistentmidnight)
MELOK TYR "When the Tale Collapses to Nothing" (Stormmask LTD)
Paralysis Image "Concrete Body" (self release)
High Marks "Sister Shadow" (Persistentmidnight)
Desolate Moon Phases "Heathenstones" (Stickfigure / Stormmask LTD)
Lake Lander "A Walk EP" (Persistentmidnight)
Warning Light "Shaking Through a Hillside Blue" (Persistentmidnight)
Past Dawn "Dreaming Ulterium" (Stormmask LTD)
High Marks "Four Takes... Fake Turns" (Persistentmidnight

A much busier year for High Marks than any of my other projects, 2019 surprised me on so many levels. But, a new drum machine and a couple changes to my recording setup have changed how I look at music. I can't help but think this year of recording was the perfect way to exorcise some of the ghosts from my Atlanta days. Being in Minneapolis has changed every aspect of my life, but it specifically has changed my old recording routines. Life is an evolution. 

Ambient Programme Vol I

There has been a bit of a hiatus on this project, but it has afforded me time to slowly archive and look back on the last 10 years of this project. It occurred to me that many of my favorite tracks might sound quite different without the percussion and the synths remixed with a spacious sheen. I changed the arrangements, resampled and dubbed some elements, and this Ambient Programme series idea came into being. 
This is the first in a series of works, four long playing ambient albums that are part of a whole. In some ways, a spiritual successor to the Heavens Above, Heavens Below and Cosmic Mediation projects, these albums are comprised of only long form deep listening tracks... Minimalist overtures dubbed into spacey infinity... sleep musik for aberrant daydreamers
I hope you enjoy it.