Wednesday, January 2, 2019

2018, a year's journey

So, 2018 manifested itself as a time of transformation and travel for me. I left my home studio of 10 years in Avondale Estates Bedsitter studios (RIP) to start something new in Minneapolis, MN. I'm lucky I got to make anything at all this year, let alone nine releases (and an appearance on the Knifeplay compilation). At the end of the summer, I made it out to Oregon for the first time, it was about as amazing as I had hoped it would be. 

Persistentmidnight compilation "My Sound as Sculpture"
Warning Light "Left Behind the Range"
Sareth Den "Follower Year"
Paralysis Image "False Pink"
RE-MAINDR "Chillsmoker Streetlamps" beat tape
Distant Hymns "Yama EP"
Lake Lander "Past Distant Horizons"
Desolate Moon Phases "As the Dark Empire Burns Around Them"
Stormmask LTD compilation "I am alone, but so are you."