Saturday, February 27, 2010

2010 junk thoughts

Well well. With Further On out, I have the time to doodle on a myriad of projects. The full band I'm in, Roman Photos is playing a bunch of shows and trying to get two 7"s done this Spring.

Work on Fallow, the next full length Warning Light album is still going on... I've been juggling ideas to round out the collection, but I can say it will most likely be the ten songs I've been working with for the past seven months or so. The album is shaping up to be about 50 minutes to one hour, and it has a bunch of different sounds and textures.

I've been talking to Allen and we're going to work on a professional sounding Warning Light Ensemble full length as well. Hopefully we'll have some major work on that done by summer.

And thanks to KUCI for putting my album in the top 30 for the week. Exciting stuff.

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