Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Recording again

In a sharp change of plans, I've kind of retreated to the home recording closet again. Originally I had planned to play more shows this year, but other projects have kind of gotten ahold of my attention.

My split C30 with Glasgow's Repeated Viewing is close to being ready for Persistentmidnight, hopefully that will be out in the next two months.

Work on my next album, tentatively titled Heavens Above, Heavens Below has been creeping along. So far the sounds are a little more ecclectic than the last record (some songs have Harmonium, Theremin, Melodica) and the emphasis seems to be on a more spacey, droney sound. Hopefully, people will like it. I should have a demo up sometime towards the summer from it. I've talked to a couple people about appearing on some of the tracks, hopefully it will work out and I will have collaborations on this album as well.

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