Friday, July 22, 2016

Yuki Joro Compilation

Hey everyone!

Back in June I meant to post about this compilation featuring some great electronic artists from the southeast US, benefitting MURMUR Media and the ATL Zinefest. Both are very important DIY resources for Atlanta, so if you're interested in helping, check out the compilation and get in touch with MURMUR post haste. There are several volumes that have been curated by the fine people at Wussy Magazine, but my track is on VOL II: Yuki Joro.

The Warning Light track "The Vast Empty Parts of Me" actually came from some of the "Ambient Summer" sessions last year, but I had intended to save it for a forthcoming album. It never really fit on the record, but I kept the sound because I liked the airy textures so much. Plans change, music changes, and perhaps most importantly people change, so I'm glad the song found a home.

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