Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Productions016, part three DARKBEATS

downers. came to an end last year with our best album (my opinion, I'm def biased). Ether Noir manages to be a total expansion of the high points of our more song oriented material on Low Informant. SIMNs tape effects mutate things in very subtle interesting ways throughout, his free form way of working always brought new things to the record. There's dark dance material on here coexisting with blaring industrial noise. This album stays true to the original context of it as a noise project, but pushed itself incorporate newer things like techno and Hyperdub electronic sounds. It's a dark and chaotic album, it manages to sample Madonna on "Crawl to Creep" before tumbling into an eight plus minute ambient tape loop on the next track. I'm proud of it, tremendously.

Clone Operators is noisy, analog leaning techno, made from live jams I started doing with my rhythm wolf drum machine in the studio. I lean about as heavily on my Trogotronics 666 as the wolf, and there's definitely still some Electribe influence here as well. Something about this project feels very punk to me, perhaps in the just "live angry jams" type sense at least. This is def the most aggressive project I have worked on in quite a while. But live demos can be rejuvenating as a recording engineer, and doing something in a new way can be very helpful.

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