Monday, January 11, 2010

5 weird but good records from 2009:

I listened to a ton of records last year, and while this isn't even my top ten, I wanted to write about five unique things I listened to last year.

- Akiro Kosemura "Polaroid Piano" Pianos and guitars hover around amidst atmospheric recordings, this album manages to sound randomly forward thinking by never falling into the traps of sounding too "lo-fi." It sounds intimate without being sappy, it's just a little island unto itself.

-- Wolves in the Throneroom "Black Cascade" Metal in a year that I didn't really listen to metal... this album was a slow grower for me and like the Krallice album in 2008 became my choice for weird, near mystical metal.

--- Alfheimr "These Songs We Sing Will Fade to Silence" Not quite postrock but definitely in that vein, and I haven't really been listening to anything like this lately. But this album has enough variety and textures to keep my interest, go figure.

---- Landing "You Can't Hide Your Love Forever v.5" Mind boggling single from a band I've loved for years, it's two delicate pieces of bedroom/brain music. I'm glad they're back.

----- Subway "Subway II" Kraut-y, groovy dance music with tons of synthesizers and great percussion patterns, as good for dancing as driving around by yourself at night.

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