Thursday, December 1, 2016

2016, the year that was (no matter how you felt about it)

Persistentmidnight Productions this year:
downers. "Ether Noir" cassette
Warning Light "Life/Death EP" cassette
Seeing the Sights "Between Avalon & Harbour" CDr
Distant Hymns "Dreaming Left Free" CDr
Outer Gods "Dismal Rift" CD
Snowbride "Small Town Synthetics" CDr
Warning Light "Inland Empires Disregard the Sea" CD
Sareth Den "Into the Glacial Unknown" 2xCDr
Clone Operators "Clone My Operator" demo

and Warning Light appeared on the following compilations:
Culottes Vol II: Yuki Joro by WUSSY MAG
Mango Heist Mixtape by Clandestine Ritual, LLC
DKA Tape Programme #1 by DKA

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