Friday, August 4, 2017

PM Production Lake Lander PRE EMBRYONIC SOUND

Lake Lander's PRE EMBRYONIC SOUND is a pretty classic case of me starting with the seed of an idea (an EP that flows continuously, woven together by a 36 minute sound collage) and finding someone else who put a totally new spin on it. Through months of emailing back and forth, together we deconstructed (in our respective Roland samplers), then rebuilt the individual tracks on PRE EMBRYONIC SOUND and mixed everything down to tape. This is a murky, hazy record with an odd flavor of its own in comparison with other PM productions. I ended up taking a very light hand with the production/mastering on my end; the material just had a life of its own that way. 

A shout out to Rachel M from Snowbride on the original cover photo, it ended up being the perfect expression of the music and concepts. 

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