Saturday, August 26, 2017

At the End of the Road announcement

My next album will be At the End of the Road,
coming out 8.27.17 on Stickfigure Recordings on CD and digital.

This was a pretty epic project by any standard (PM recorded/mastered/designed album art all in-house), but this album feels like a beautifully mad science experiment that is actually going to see the light of day... and not all the experiments do. This record is full of collaborators and a dense amount of field recordings/tape looping experiments, but still offers some techno-leaning beatwork and uptempo sample manipulation. At the End of the Road started as an attempt to look back on my ten years of DIY record making and to synthesize it all into one experience (that's probably an impossible task). It ended up with a beautiful inner life of its own... a reminder that at the end of every road, there is another path.

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