Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Productions 016, part one Keep It Dark

So, I'm going to post a couple "round ups" of my production jobs this year, each post will be collecting a different aspect of my work here at Persistentmidnight.

The Dark Ones:

Outer Gods Dismal Rift
A pretty unique transitional record, Dismal Rift straddles several music making approaches while maintaining a unified aesthetic. It took about a year and a half to finish Dismal Rift, which isn't too long for some bands, but seemed to be an eternity in Outer Gods time. The tracks have a certain quilt-like element, which gives the album an eclecticism that probably wasn't present on earlier OG recordings. It's an album of deep, open spaces and dark low frequencies. But it's a genre defying piece, certainly not metal in its sonics like the three other OG albums. It is the longest OG album, certainly the most diverse, and the only time I've done promotional edits for drone music. It's possibly the most non-metal metal album I've produced yet.

Released June 24th on Stickfigure Recordings.

Sareth Den Into the Glacial Unknown
As Dismal came together, I slowly took note of Into the Glacial Unknown, from some raw alchemical inspiration in the mists of the mind that I didn't completely understand. Unknown is certainly the sister-record, a different type of exploration of similar sonics. There are a lot of wide open spaces on this album as well, but the overall palette is a strange one, with little claustrophobic moments to break up too much placidity. The B-side takes a long dark ambient turn, which is meant to bring the listener down after the noisy strangeness of the A-side. If Outer Gods exist as ex-communicated monks living solitarily in an ancient library, toiling away in their research of dark unfathomable forces, Sareth Den exists as a mournful woodland witch who has left society to wander the darker reaches of her desolate forest domain forever.

Released October 14th on Persistentmidnight.

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