Saturday, October 1, 2016

Inland Empires Disregard the Sea

Inland Empires Disregard the Sea is finally here, pressed on a limited number of compact discs from Stickfigure Recordings. Nine songs in just shy of an hour, the album also features a couple tracks I recorded with synthwork from Rachel M from Snowbride.

I'm excited to say this is my most eclectic and complex work to date, following in a lineage of the electronic loop concepts from Oftenchance and XXXI. The past couple years have been a time of tremendous change in the life of this project and I hope to always maintain an adventurous spirit with my recordings under this name. Cheers to my friends and allies who helped me along the long, twisty path of creation, I appreciate you all.

This has been a Persistentmidnight Production.

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